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Cadet Programs is what sets the foundation for CAP cadets to be successful in the CAP careers and beyond. Through CAP’s Cadet Program, young adults develop into responsible citizens and are inspired to become tomorrow’s aerospace leaders. CAP teaches core values including integrity, volunteer service, excellence, respect, follower-ship, leadership skills, teamwork, and much more. CAP strives to teach in a multitude of ways. Adult volunteers supervise the cadets and help them develop leadership skills.

Leadership education and mentoring is an integral part of cadet development. Cadets use a series of texts from which they learn about leadership, and drill & ceremonies. Cadets start with basic drill and followership, progress to leading small groups and finish with leadership theory and organizational management. Cadets apply what they have learned in their texts by serving on staffs at squadron, wing and region activities.

Character Development lessons discuss moral and ethical issues faced by cadets so that they will develop a code of conduct based upon the Core Values that they use to guide themselves while in leadership positions and throughout life.

Physical Fitness promotes a sound mind and sound body. Being in good physical condition helps cadets perform their leadership duties and perform at various activities. Cadets are expected to show improving physical condition before each promotion and is tested by a combination of defined events.

Activities - give cadets a chance to apply what they have learned in other facets of the program to hands-on situations.  Some activities are run by a squadron (your unit), such as AE field trips, bivouacs (military word for camping) or participation in parades. Groups or wings (states) may also run larger activities that welcome cadets from many squadrons. One of the most common activities and perhaps the most important to the cadets is encampment.





Cadet Super Chart

CAP Uniform Manual (CAPM 39-1)

CAP Awards and Medals (CAPR 39-3)

Core Values (CAPP 50-2)