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Aerospace Education in the Cadet Program combines book learning with hands-on activities and orientation flights. These are paired with hands-on educational projects to reinforce the material in the texts (e.g. model rocket launches, air shows, satellite imagery module, robotics module, model aircraft flights).


Cadets are eligible for orientation rides in CAP aircraft, military aircraft, and gliders.  Each flight is a hands-on activity where cadets apply what they learn and experience the joy of flight. In a recent year, cadets completed 12,000 glider flights and 16,000 flight hours in 575 aircraft.  The cost of these flights is covered in the low yearly membership fee. CAP builds enthusiasm for aviation and space through its aerospace education programs. CAP’s cadets learn about aviation history and the scientific principles that make flight possible. 


Aerospace has also entered the cyber realm. CAP has partnered with the Air Force Association to support Cyber Patriot, a youth activity designed to promote awareness about the dangers of cyber-attack.


Glider Presentation - Slideshow


Every CAP cadet under age 18 is eligible for five flights in a powered aircraft (usually a single-engine Cessna), five flights in a glider aircraft, and an unlimited number of backseat flights when conditions allow.

O' Flights - Online Review Documents and Pack List

Check the Squadron Calendar to verify

when cadet orientation flights are being scheduled. 


***Orientation Flights are Weather Dependant***

Communicate with Squadron Staff to verify O'Flights are a 'GO' day of the event

O'Flights fact sheet for Parents